Emerson Materazzo
The most important thing in life
The most important thing in life to me is money. It is the most important thing in life because you need it to do everything, for example: to buy food, to get a good education, to have a good life style and everything revolves around it.

To individuals, it is crucial to their daily life. The reason for this is that people need it to buy whatever they need for the day, if its food or gas for the car to get around, everyone needs money at some time every day. To the world, a countries economy depends on it. If a country’s economy ran out of money, it would collapse and everybody would lose their money. Money also indicates social standing and where people are with their job. There are 3 groups of people in social sanding in Australia, there are the lower class of people that have a low income of about $40,000 or below a year with tax, there are the middle class of people that have a middle income of about $40,000 – $80,000, then there are the higher, wealthier class that have a high income of about $80,000 and higher.

Money is used for everything, from buying goods to paying bills for your house or electricity or water to supporting your family. What many people do when they have millions and billions of money that they can’t spend, they tend to invest it into the future. They also donate money towards medical research or medical research for the poor. If rich people didn’t donate money there wouldn’t be any charities and we wouldn’t find out cures for diseases. Also if they didn’t invest in the future, we wouldn’t be inventing new things or figuring out how to stop or prevent natural events happening like global warming.

If money wasn’t invented, everyone would find other means of getting what the needed and wanted. The easiest way to get what you need or want was to trade or barter your own goods for the others goods or services. Some other ways is to give your services for goods, services like plumbing or fixing someone’s car. Also what would happen is that everyone would become more self sufficient. For example: grow your own fruit and vegetables and make your own clothing. Also if money wasn’t invented everyone might be more equal in the world, there wouldn’t be as many rich and poor people as there are today. Also, the world wouldn’t be very developed, for example: what we have invented in the last one hundred years might not be invented for another five hundred years.

In conclusion, money is mostly the most important thing, because you need it for almost everything; yes, money is used for buying goods, to pay for bills and to have a good life style. If we didn’t have money everyone might have an equal life style and there wouldn’t be as many rich people and there wouldn’t be as many poor people like there is today.