These audio recording were created at Mayfield Middle School, in Mayfield Hts., Ohio, by Mrs. D'Amico's seventh grade Digital Media class. Most of the students are 12 years old. The recordings were made using Audacity (an open-source audio recording program) and the music came from freeplaymusic.com. You can visit our schoool website by clicking here :)

I Believe in Helping the Unfortunate

This I Believe by Domique

I Believe in Respecting My Coaches

I Believe in Soccer

I Believe in Faith by Domic

I Believe in Football by Tyrel

I Believe in Happiness by Jess

I Believe in Having Confidence by Teresa

I Believe in Cherishing the Moment by Gabby

I Believe in Honesty by Avi

I Believe in Honesty by Raina

The following essays and recordings come from Ms. Celeste's grade 9/10 English Composition class at Victoria Robbins School.
Our school is a bilingual and multicultural one located in the small, mountain city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.