Bilal R.
MONEY: The Foundation of Life
Money, hard to earn, but can be spent very easily. Money can do a lot of things in life for you. It can provide you from happiness and necessities, to teaching lessons in life. Without money, a human being will not be able to live a good life.
Money is something that should be saved, but when it is spent properly, it can provide comfort and satisfaction. After my 13th birthday, I had saved up money throughout the whole year so I could buy something even better for my 14th birthday. On that day, I was really happy because I had enough money to buy something very entertaining. In this case, it was a game called Rock Band, which I had waited a year for. Once I had bought this game a few days after my birthday, using the money which I had saved, it felt so good. There was this feeling inside me which made me feel great, because I wasn’t so dependent on my parents. So, money can really buy you almost anything you want, even if it is happiness at times.

Money isn’t just for spending; it can also teach you valuable lessons, especially when it comes to life time savings. That moment in my life, when I figured out I was able to buy something even better than Rock Band, made me feel depressed. Just like before, I had saved money from birthdays, and Eid. Throughout this money saving process, my wallet was holding up to 1000 QR (Qatari riyals). If I was able to wait for two months, and save more money through allowance, I would be economically strong enough, to buy myself a gaming system known as Xbox 360. If I wasn’t so impatient, I would be having more enjoyment in life with this gaming system. Money isn’t a right, it is a privilege. If you are to somehow abuse this privilege, it can really cost you something that is very important, in fulfilling your desires.

Ever wondered how you got all those nice clothes. Or even the food you eat from time to time. Only one thing can supply you with this, money. Throughout my years at different schools, I have seen many charitable events that go on. These include, like the Salvation Army, or even Red Cross. These people needed food, shelter, and even clothes. Many people have donated money to help these under privileged people to get new clothes or a house. Once the money is delivered, the foundation or company, which is sponsoring, will obviously use the money they received from us, to buy these poor people food, clothes, and shelters. These people were able to get all these necessities through money and not by anything else. Money is very useful, and probably the only thing in the world that will buy you your needs.

Money can do you a lot of things in life, from providing happiness and necessities to teaching lessons in life. Without money, a human can’t lead a comfortable life. Money is the fundamental need for life. If this foundation was to break, our lives, as we all know, might collapse. That is why we need to work hard to stay economically strong. This is my belief.

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