Amna Al M
Significance of Families

Is it possible to not believe? Well, I personally think it isn't because every person has it own beliefs in many different ways. For example, people may believe that they don't believe in anything which is also believing, so from that you know that its impossible to not believe. In my case, I believe in family. Family is one of the features in life that should be respected. Majority of the world has the option to have a family, some don't. There are also some people who choose to refuse to accept their family as a guide and leave them. Also, there are many orphans in the world who would do anything to have a family. Family is an important part of life, and your family will always be standing by your side, as long as you stand next to theirs.
There are people who choose to refuse to accept their family or feel they do not welcome them. This issue is very common in many cultures around the world; it can be caused by peer pressure, and the lifestyle of the family itself or either the family’s wealth; children nowadays are going through the phase of peer pressure by children feeling they live in a poor family and that they don’t fit into that community and so on. The problem they don’t really know the value of a family, its not how poor you are or where you live or even where your from; but its more or less the love and comfort that you get when you are with your family. Many people do not have a family so one has to be thankful and happy that he or she has someone to love and cherish them.
Your parents are the basic point in your family. They are the two that started the family, and they are the two that control the main actions of a family. They help you, protect you, and make sure you make the correct choices in your life. They provide you shelter while you are in the young ages, making sure you get the education you need. They also teach you and tell you about the mistakes they made while they were your age, and they teach you to not repeat the actions they have previously done. Some people find this to mean that parents are trying to relive their lives through their children, which isnt true. Parents are there to help you grow up and to develop into a person you would want to be. Parents are the main branch of a family and they should be respected at all times.
Siblings are the friends that are blood related to you. One simple way to explain siblings in your family is full of love and care. There are many experiences in life that you share with your siblings, from childhood to the elderly times. These are times in which you laugh through, when you remember the many times you were in trouble and you had to face the consequences together. You can also share many private secrets with your siblings, secrets that you couldn't possibly tell anyone else, including friends. You can also rely on older siblings to help you in your times of need, since they are meant to be the big ones who set the perfect examples and also meant to be protective of the young. Overall, siblings are fun friends that will be standing around you and protecting you from the start to the end.
Basically, a family is a tree with branches, without them the tree is incomplete. I'd give up anything and everything for my family since without them I would be a lost branch.