Religion Is A Way of Life

I believe in the religion of Islam, of one god, and only one god. With every event that occurs in my life, religion must always come first. Believing in a religion with certain responsibilities to follow makes me think ahead of the steps I take in my life, keeping in mind the people I affect through the process. Religion is a big part of life, but I still make time for my family and other loved ones. Religion doesn’t overcome me but it’s the needed balance to my life, like the needed protein and vitamins a human needs every morning.

The word religion in my perspective is a way of life. The religion of Islam resembles a manual, but not for the sheer household item such as a vacuum cleaner to be put together, but to a handbook for life. The Qur’an is the holy book used in the religion of Islam. It is a collection of stories that have happened in the past and that have yet to come in the near future. One of the enjoyments that I take pleasure in is either reading the Qur’an or listening to the Qur’an on a tape, it calms me when I’m in a ruff mood. The soothing voice of the reader takes all the frustrated moods away. When listening, I feel less tense and more relaxed. The sound of the Qur’an through the tape recorder puts me in a safe place, in my own secluded haven.

My outlook to the holy Qur’an is that it helps and guides me through the obstacles of life, of what to expect for the future and of the events in life that I need to steer away from. Similar to the 10 commandments in the Christianity religion, Islam has its rules too. Muslims must not be rude to their parents, steal, drink alcohol, eat pork and so on. For example, the substance of beer is forbidden in our religion. Beer is prohibited from our religion because it intoxicates the person, and makes them behave absurdly, and act differently. Tattoos in the Islamic religion are also considered a taboo because, a person is branding themselves and changing their looks from what god has given them. The person would be marking themselves and adding permanent additions to their body, inking themselves.

To sum it up, my religion will always be with me. Throughout all the past, present, and future stages of my life, Islam has been and will be there for me to fall back on. I’m in a state of mind in which I am a true believer of the religion of Islam, and nothing can change that. A person needs rules to follow, laws to obey, and that’s what my religion and the holy Qur’an provide for me. Without these regulations that person would be out of control, unstable and lost in world. My religion is what keeps me centered and balanced, what keeps me controlled and focused on life’s many obstacles and what gives me hope that another day will come and that I will live it to the fullest.