A Manual for life By: Aisha Al- Missned
Have you ever wondered how the earth was formed? How the birds came to glide through the sky? Or how the fish swish elegantly through the oceans? Or how you and I came to be here?
Many inconclusive theories about the creation and the universe have emerged in recent years. But one that has lasted many years is the belief in higher beings, a religion, a belief that we hold on to, and refer to as a guide to help us through life. My personal belief is Islam; I believe that there is one God, Allah the creator of the heavens and earth and the creator of all man-kind and of all things living and none-living. My religion is the most important thing to me, my top priority.

Religion eliminates confusion and uncertainty of life. In my religion Islam, there a certain set of rules that we as Muslims are compelled to follow. By doing so, any uncertainty is erased and a clear cut line is drawn. For example Islam forbids it followers from drinking alcohol, stating that although it has some benefits, its harmfulness outweighs any benefits it many have. This is an un-refuted fact. Many individuals have made grievous errors while under the effect of alcohol and many have lost the use of their livers from drinking. Religion guides us on the right path, revealing to its faithful followers the secrets to a happy and hassle-free life. Those who stray might find themselves lost and confused. Many stories were told by those who've temporarily strayed from the path that Islam has paved for its believers, and have returned filled with gratefulness for the rules and regulations Islam sets. Religion provides a set of rules that allows us to have smooth and some-what easy life.

In most cases we inherit religion from our parents. We might go through the motion of praying, fasting and so on; but to be a true believer we must have ultimate and unshakable faith in god. In my religion there is a difference between a Muslim and a true believer. Being a Muslim means completing the five pillars of Islam, however being a true believer means having complete faith in god, and you fear him the most. For example, my parents cannot teach me or force me to believe in God, but I can only truly believe in Allah, once I have taken in the Quran and fully follow its teachings. Most importantly religion makes my life run smoothly and it plays a big role in how I identify myself. My religion Islam, teaches me to be kind and caring, and to be grateful, and humble. Once one has succeeded in having faith, which is something hard to do, their faith and hope will be fulfilled.

Religion is a manual for life if we follow it, and stick by it we have a smooth and enjoyable life. But if we decide to throughout the manual and attempt to live life without it, we will find that life will get complicated and difficult, almost unbearable. Furthermore religion keeps me from doing sinful deeds, it ensures my faith and it answers all questions I have about the existence of the universe.