Ahmed Abu Rayah
Wednesday, November 12, 2008.
English – Grade 9B

The most important thing in my life:

There are many things in life that we humans cherish. Some people might consider money as their salient thing in their life, and others might consider love as their most important thing in their life. Personally, I consider that the most important thing in my life is my family. There is one main reason to why I consider family to be the most important thing in my life, and that is because with family comes your way of living. This includes religion, manners, education, and so on.

A person is taught many things in life, and almost all the teachings a person gets are from his family. A person’s family can determine his/her way of living. For example, I have a friend of mine and he’s a very sensible well behaved man, and comes from a fine family. In the other hand I know another person and this person is a very horrifying person with many bad habits; like smoking, stealing, and swearing all the time. This friend comes from a very terrible family. The personality of these two people is directly based on the way they were taught by their family and the way they were raised. If the parents of the bad child raised him in a good way, and taught what’s right and what’s wrong, then the child wouldn’t be such a terrible young person.

Another reason to why I consider family to be the most important thing in life is that because, your family is the people who you love and respect the most. The love of your family is the best blessing someone can have. For example, when I got very sick as a young child, my mom would do everything she can so I can recover. At night my mother would stay up with me all night, and pray God for my wellbeing and recovery. Another example, when someone’s parents are not there to raise him, then his grandparents would raise him. These previous two examples show how someone’s family can be the most important thing in life. In the first example, it shows how someone’s mother can be very caring and concerned from her son’s/daughter’s wellbeing. In the second example, it shows how someone always needs his family. It is very hard for me to imagine my life without my family, and especially my mother.

In conclusion, we should always cherish our family and thank God that we have them. Because without our families we wouldn’t be the people who we are; without our family we wouldn’t have the things we have, and many more. In addition I think that we have to thank God for everything that he had blessed us with, and always remember that there are people who are in worse conditions than us.