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  1. Anne Smith, Arapahoe High School, Centennial, Colorado, USA
    Anne has been a teacher for ten years and currently teaches Freshmen English and English World Literature. She is a member of the Curriculum Innovation Team and a participant in the first cohort of 21st Century Learners. She invites you to join the conversation at Learning and Laptops.
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  1. Mike Hasley, Henrico High School, Richmond, Virginia, USA
    Mike was a Social Studies teacher for nine years and for the last three years has been an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher. He also teaches for Virginia Commonwealth University as an adjunct professor for the Teacher Education program. After visiting AHS, he has started his own 21st Century Learning Community with nine other teachers in the the school.

  2. Jim Gates, retired, now consulting, (Google Earth File)
    Jim began teaching music in 1971, but has been teaching with and about computers since 1983. He just retired (11/14/08) from the Capital Area Intermediate unit where he was the Instructional Technology Trainer. He's looking forward to continuing to follow his passions - learning and sharing - for years to come.
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  3. Traci Streifer , I am 48 years old and live with my husband, two children and dog Jack in Centennial Colorado. Our family moved to Colorado seven years ago from San Francisco, CA. I am an attorney, working for the Office of the Child Representative as a Guardian Ad Litem, the lawyer for kids in foster care.
  4. Scott Murphy:
    Scott is Superintendent of Littleton Public Schools.
  5. Molly Scheidt, mother of a student in Ms. Smith's second period class.
  6. Dan Maas, CIO Littleton Public Schools
  7. Renee Howell LPS School Board Vice-President
  8. Mike Porter, Assistant Director for Instructional Technology, Littleton Public Schools.