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  1. Anne Smith, Arapahoe High School, Centennial, Colorado, USA
    Anne has been a teacher for ten years and currently teaches Freshmen English and English World Literature. She is a member of the Curriculum Innovation Team and a participant in the first cohort of 21st Century Learners. She invites you to join the conversation at Learning and Laptops.
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1. Michele Davis, Arapahoe High School, Centennial, Colorado, USA
Teaching for 11 years, 8 here at Arapahoe High School, I truly love what I do. Kids challenge me daily to rethink, to relearn, and to reflect why I do what I do. I currently teach English 9, English Literature, Honors American Literature, Creative Writing, and Elements of Composition. I am blessed to have incredible students. I wrote this for the "This I Believe" site several years ago and enjoy having my students do this essay every year. I look forward to working with other teachers and students globally! Here is my essay; listen here:
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2. Lou Berger
I am, by trade, a technical recruiter. This means, basically, that I find jobs for people in the computer industry, be they programmers, or testers, or project managers. I have been a community leader, I have led my son in Scouts as a Cubmaster, and I watch, on a daily basis, how people relate what they do to who they consider themselves to be. I believe that we are more than what we do for a living, that we, as people, are multi-faceted and highly creative.

I appreciate being asked to contribute to the "This I Believe" essay project.

3. Linda D.

4. Dallas J.
I'm a former business analyst who has spent the last ten years serving as a stay-at-home dad. When I'm not attending one of my daughters' activities, I enjoy participating in various school advisory roles or playing fantasy baseball. I am a huge classic rock n roll fan and an Altoid's addict.

5. Denise A.

6. Diane N.

7. Laura M.

8. Lee Ann Spillane
I have been teaching for more than 16 years in Orange County, Florida. I currently teach freshmen English and an Advance Placement Language and Composition class for juniors. Learn more about me by visiting my virtual classroom.