AHS This I Believe Goes Global 2008-09 Pages

2008-09 Adults TIB Essays
2008-09 Moritz3 & Rosso
2008-09 Moritz4 & Moehlis
2008--09 Smith2 & Biddle
2008-09 Smith5 & Stefureak

These were the directions we gave in 2008-09.

Read this blog post first for background information. Then, if you're interested in participating, please follow the directions below.

1. If you're an adult that wants to post their own essay/podcast, go directly to this page.

2. If you're a teacher that would like one or more of their classes to participate in this project, please Email Karl with your name, school name, location, grade level(s)/ages, how many classes, and time frame that you'd like to work on this project. Karl will then try to match you with another class, create a wiki page for the two classes, and send you that information.

3. For all participants, we are suggesting you upload both a written essay and a podcast of the student/adult reading their essay. You can upload those essays and podcasts directly to this wiki, or you can use alternative hosting solutions and just link to them. You may especially want to do that with the podcasts if you'd like to embed a player directly on the wiki as opposed to simply linking to an mp3 to download. See the Sample Page for one suggested layout.